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About Annuities
“Annuities are sometimes described as the flip side of life insurance; whereas life insurance is designed to provide financial protection against dying too soon, annuities provide a hedge against outliving your retirement savings; while life insurance is designed to create principal, an annuity is designed ultimately to liquidate principal that has been created, typically in regular payments over a number of years,” articulated Stephen Blakely in Nation's Business.
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Annuity: Secure Your Future
Annuity can be defined as “An interest-bearing contract between an individual and a life insurance company that guarantees periodic payments to the individual during a specific time period. On expiry the balance is exhausted. Capital withdrawals are generally not allowed. Concessional treatment in relation to taxation and Centrelink benefits may apply if the annuity is complying.”
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Types Of Annuities
Annuities are available in several forms and types, and different annuities have different properties and costs. The properties and costs of annuities are very important factors that require to be considered properly as business owners put together their retirement investment portfolio. Here are a few common types of annuities defined below.

As the name suggests, an immediate annuity begins providing payouts immediately. The payouts may run either for a specific period or for life, depending on the contract terms. The immediate annuities that are generally bought with a one-time deposit, with a minimum of around $10,000 are not very common. This class of ...
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